A Small Rant

You know who I really, really, really want together in Reign? Bash and Lola.

Now, I can hear everyone going “What? Anna, you’re crazy. Bash has found an amazing love in Kenna and Lola is a man stealer.” Here are my thoughts on this matter.

I never really liked the relationship between Bash and Kenna. Before everyone jumps on me, let me explain just a little. I could have loved the relationship, but I feel that Bash should be with someone who deserves and perhaps even needs his kindness and devotion, and I’m afraid Kenna was not that person. Yes, Bash was her knight in shining armor and saved her from Henry, but let’s put this into perspective. Kenna was weeping and thinking everyone should feel sorry for her when almost every single person warned her about becoming Henry’s mistress. I’m not saying she should have let him abuse her - that would have been horrible and wrong - and I know that she had no way of knowing what would happen with the king. It just would have been nice to see her take a little bit of responsibility instead of waiting for someone to come and pick up the pieces for her, and it really irked me that they decided to make that person Bash.

Moving onto Lola. I know there’s a lot of hate with her because she “stole Francis” and “broke the girl code”. Let’s just think about Lola for a second. She lost her brothers to sickness and had to bury them. She fell in love with a young man only to have to leave him behind for her queen, who later inadvertently caused his death. Then she finds out he’s alive again, only to have him be slaughtered hours after making this realization. Lola stands up for herself and her friends when Catherine terrorizes them. Lola sleeps with Francis once after Mary has chosen another man over him, and becomes pregnant with his child. She puts her life on the line because she knows what that will mean to Mary. Mary stops her, fortunately, but now Lola has a deadline to fall in love. And she does, only to find that this man is a fraud. She still loves him, but is forced to let him go or else have him killed. Lola has lost everyone, not just one king, and still she continues to fight. In my eyes, Lola is one of the strongest characters on the show.

And honestly? I think she deserves someone like Bash, who will devote himself to her and love her and care for her no matter what. They had those brief moments in the fourth episode and they were lovely. I want more. Two strong characters deserve to be together. I feel like Bash and Lola could have a fantastic, complex romantic relationship if only the writers allowed them to.

Maybe I’m wrong, but those are my thoughts. ^^

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My Advanced Digital Arts final project. Please trust me when I say it looks so, so much better full size. Basically it’s Cinder with all her cyborg/Lunar awesomeness in full display ^^

Perhaps I’m missing something, but I feel like they might throw a plot twist in where Henry isn’t talking about Francis - he’s talking about Bash. Bash is currently married to Kenna. Just a thought, there’s probably something out there to prove this theory wrong, but I thought I’d throw it out there.

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